Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News from the Radiology Techs

Greetings from Haiti!  Everything is going great.  I never thought I would love a cold shower so much!  Hannan and I have been working with the x-ray tech here, his name is Franz.  He does not speak English, but we have a translator named Joseph helping us communicate.  We are actually having a blast.  They are great guys and we all enjoy working together.  Today Franz didn't show up, so it's Hannan, Joseph, and I.  We are using a portable CR machine in a small room.  BONUS is it's air conditioned- for the equipment.  At times we show Franz new things and we are also learning from him the way Dr. Scott likes x-rays for the Taylor spatial frames.  Unfortunately, the C-arm is not working so we haven't been in the OR yet.  They have a few cases lined up for when it is up and running. 

We have seen so many fractures and a large majority of them are from the earthquake and the patients are just now seeking treatment.  

Gotta get back to work! 


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