Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anesthesia providers needed desperately!

I got a quick note from Jeannie this morning.

"We are really hard up for anesthesia here until a team comes. There were several cases that Terry needed to do on Thur. and Fri. but was unable to do because we had no anesthesia. The local people would not come in."

Today, the national presidential elections will take place, and the country is bracing for severe unrest with cries of fraud already beginning. Because of the potential for such danger of rioting on the streets, it sounds like the local staff is not able to come to the hospital for work reliably.  Please pray for the elections, for peace, and protection at the hospital for everyone there.  We know of some medical providers traveling to Haiti today to go to a different site, and are very nervous about their arrival. One of whom is Stacy, a CRNA who was with us on our April trip to HAH.

Jeannie says her shoulder is improving but slowly, so please continue to keep her recovery in your prayers as you think of Haiti, HAH, and all that is going on there today.

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