Saturday, November 20, 2010

Terry and Jeannie Arrive at HAH

Sent from Jeannie Dietrich, 19 November 2010

"We arrived today and the city seemed cleaner at least in some of the places.  The market place was still quite dirty with rotten food, and dirty clothes on the ground in front of the market place.  But they are starting to clean up the rubble and trash.  You even see trucks being loaded with the rubble of the concrete.  We were put into a room in the new wing of the hospital down where Scott and Brook had their rooms.  We have two hospital beds pushed together with mattress on them.  We are glad for the hospital beds.  Our room has a small bathroom and two oscillating fans above our bed.  A sink is attached to one of the walls of the bedroom.  Our rooms back door over looks the laundry area and maintenance area.

They have had about 5 cholera  patients come through the ER each day.  Other hospitals in the area have had many more then this.  They are thinking that the peak of the cholera epidemic here in Port au Prince will be mid December.

I dislocated my right shoulder kiting so am somewhat limited with what I can do with my right arm right now.  But hopefully it will get stronger every day.  By the time Terry could be called off the water to help me, my muscles has spasmed quite a bit and he could not pop the should back into place.  So I had to go into the hospital in Sousa and be put under before he could get it back into place.  I fractured several areas of the bone and Terry sent the x-rays and CAT scan to one of his partner's in Wisconsin, but they both thought that I did not need surgery and I am glad of that.  Hope that I get full range of motion back soon."

Please keep Jeannie in your prayers as she heals from her injury, and that both Jeannie and Terry would stay healthy with the cholera outbreak starting to make its way to Port Au Prince and to them in Carrefour.  Our web page ( is growing and will continue to add pictures, stories, and ways to partner with Terry and Jeannie and Hopital Adventiste d'Haiti (HAH) in the upcoming year. The best way to partner are your prayers for them and their patients.

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