Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Over the Next Few Days

Over the next few days, you will be bombarded with images from the earthquake and destruction that changed the lives of millions of Haitians forever.  Over the next few days, your eyes will see things that will make you want to look away.  Over the next few days, you'll hear more news of destruction, of tent cities with people whose homes are not yet rebuilt. 

Over the next few days, it will be easy to turn away from the TV and videos, to turn the page in the newspaper, to change the radio station, but over the next few days, I hope you'll let that tear roll down your cheek for the pain and suffering in Haiti. It rolled down mine today, 364 days after that treacherous day in January 2010.

It often feels hopeless, what can one person do? What can one dollar do? What can one prayer do?  A lot. When I was in Haiti in April of 2010 just three short months after the quake, one dollar bought food for a family, one person comforted a crying child or brought a smile to his face, one prayer saved a life. Twenty dollars paid a week's salary for a man to provide for his family.  Twenty people saved limbs, cleaned wounds, taught people to walk again, gave new limbs to amputees, served food to hundreds of people daily. Twenty prayers, we pray, saved souls.

I have no doubt that you are bombarded with organizations constantly asking for money, and in these financial times, every dollar counts for many, many people, in our own communities, in our own country. But please don't forget the people of Haiti, who are a grateful people, loving and caring, and looking for hope for tomorrow.  When you think of Haiti, don't think of all the things that haven't been done yet to rebuild. Think of the things that are being done, and that bring that oasis of hope to the people there, an oasis of hope and healing to the tired and weary.

Here is just one of many stories of the good work being done at Hopital Adventiste d'Haiti.  Yes, we need help funding care for indigent patients, and for building improvements, and we still need volunteers.  As you watch, consider what one dollar, one person, one prayer can do in the life of one person. If you feel led, please Join Us.

Out of the Rubble from Loma Linda University on Vimeo.

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