Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Update From Scott Nelson

I received the following update from Dr Nelson this evening.  I also had the opportunity to speak with him by phone earlier today.  Both he and Terry are safe and in good spirits.  
Scott Nelson writes, "The day was kicked off by the evacuation of nearly all the expatriate employees and volunteers who fled the country in a police escorted convoy just before dawn. A core team of essential medical volunteers consisting of Terry Dietrich, Scott Nelson and our Dominican anesthesiologist and nurse stayed behind to take care of the patients that had been waiting for urgent surgeries and provide post operative care for the recently operated cases. As day broke the patients began to line the hallways. There were more patients than usual since many had not been able to come last week due to lack of public transportation during the riots that broke out across Port au Prince. We operated on seven patients today consisting of several severe fractures of the upper extremity which would have almost certainly gone without proper treatment had we not been there. In spite of the fact that we have closed ourselves down to new trauma referrals, seven more urgent cases are already scheduled for tomorrow. Fortunately there has been no civil unrest at the hospital or immediate area surrounding the property and we hope and pray for peace and God’s guidance as we continue our work."

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